An introduction to the troubleshooting method of automobile engine idle speed

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when it comes to vehicle maintenance, first of all, return to daily oil change. Three filters these are also our commonplace topics. The user can select the oil according to the viscosity specified by the engine. Generally speaking, there is no problem with the use of the vehicle as long as it is not fake oil. But the machine filter is different, the false machine filter may cause the filter paper melting grinding cylinder, the plastic high temperature intensity difference burst, the filter hole blockage results in the oil pressure alarm and so on, such cases are many around us. This article will give you some general knowledge about how to choose and use mechanical filters and air filters.

1. What do you do with the idling instability?

idling instability is characterized by engine shudder and uneven speed when idling. The reasons are: idle air volume hole blockage, idle idle device work, individual cylinder spark plug spark weak, individual valve seal not strict, air intake manifold leakage, ignition time too early or too late, idle idle adjustment and so on.

When the engine is unstable at idle speed, the idle speed should be adjusted first, if the fault can not be eliminated after the idle speed adjustment, then the idle speed hole and the idle air volume hole should be checked, if the hole is blocked, the gasoline or acetone can be cleaned with the compressed air, and the engine speed should be stabilized at a certain speed if the hole is not blocked. At the same time, listen to the air leakage in the inlet manifold or the lower liner of the carburetor. If the air leakage occurs, a fastening screw or a method of adding or reducing the gasket can be used to eliminate it. If the idle speed is unstable and the engine power falls, the working condition of the spark plug, the sealing performance of the valve and the ignition time should be further checked, and the maintenance and adjustment should be made when necessary.

2, how to discriminate idling?

the engine that works normally should be able to operate evenly within the speed range of 300-500r/min. If the engine's minimum stable speed exceeds the speed range, or the engine is flameout and the speed is unstable within this speed range, that is, there is no idle speed or bad idle speed.

when idling is bad, it can be divided into idle stall, idle speed instability and idle speed too high according to its fault characteristics. If the engine starts, it moves well from the low speed to the high speed, but when the accelerator pedal is loosened, the fire is immediately flameout, or the first operation is unstable and then the fire is extinguished. If the engine idle speed is not stable, the exhaust pipe sends out “ sudden and sudden ” noise is generally idling unstable fault. If the minimum steady speed of the engine is higher than the specified range, and the speed can not be reduced, the idle speed is too high or no idle fault occurs.

3. How to adjust the idle speed?

the adjustment of idle speed must be carried out under normal condition, such as normal engine temperature, proper clearance of valve, normal ignition system, good sealing of each pipe, full opening of choke door, close close of throttle and so on. When adjusting, the throttle opening adjustment screw is first screwed to make the engine reach the minimum steady speed.

Then screwdriver into the idle adjustment screw, when the engine is about to extinguish, then slowly spin out the idle adjustment screw, so that the engine stable operation and reach high speed. Then the throttle opening adjustment screw is screwed out so that the engine speed can be reduced to the minimum. Then adjust the idle speed adjustment screw to increase the engine speed. This is repeated until the throttle opening is minimum and the engine operates at the lowest steady speed. Finally, increase the speed and shut down the throttle suddenly.

4. What do you do at idling?

when the engine is idle, the idle speed must be adjusted according to the actual situation. After adjustment, failure of the screw is improper adjustment of idle screw. After the adjustment, if the fault can not disappear, the throttle can be opened up more, the engine is kept running, the gas leakage of the carburetor and the intake manifold liner is checked with cotton yarn or paper strip, such as no air leakage, the idle speed hole can be removed, and the idle speed oil channel is blown at the same time, and then the test is reloaded, when the fault disappeared, said the fault disappeared, when the failure disappeared, said the fault disappeared, when the fault disappeared, said the failure disappeared, Idle speed hole and idle oil channel blockage. For the carburetor equipped with idle cut-off valve, it is necessary to check whether the electromagnetic coil circuit of the idle cut-off valve is normal. If the coil circuit is not normal, the idle speed saving hole is blocked, then the idle cut-off valve should be repaired.

What about 5, too high idle speed?

when the engine idling is too high, the engine should be started first, then the throttle arm is controlled by hand, and the enclosing valve is closed. If the idle speed is normal, then the throttle spring is too soft and the tension spring should be replaced. If the throttle is closed by hand, it should be checked whether the throttle shaft is loose or the throttle is closed. If the throttle is closed or the throttle shaft is loose, it should be repaired. If the throttle is normal, it should be checked if there is a slight leakage under the throttle, if there should be an elimination of air leakage, such as no idle speed. One step, until the idle speed is suitable.

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