These 8 strokes let your engine fail

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-08-22

the engine is the &ldquo of the car; the heart ” such an important thing, we must take good care of it. Now let's study together with you to learn the 8 way to let your engine fail.

The five major guarantee

1. Guarantee oil

First, the viscosity of the oil will vary with the temperature. The temperature varies from year to year, so choose different oils. For example, the commonly used 5W/30 in winter is W, which represents winter. The smaller the figure in front of W is, the lower the applicable minimum temperature is. The larger the number behind W is, the higher the applicable temperature will be.

Two is the oil additive, the oil additive can slow down the engine's wear and tear, so when choosing the oil, we should choose the right oil according to the actual conditions of the engine.

Three is to avoid oil mixed with each other, different models and brand of oil, its viscosity and the type of additives are different, so the mixed oil will cause damage to the engine.

2, guarantee the cleaning of the engine

engine cleaning is usually divided into external cleaning and internal piping cleaning. Engine cleaning is a very troublesome and tedious thing. It is suggested to go to the professional maintenance shop when cleaning the engine. If you want to try to clean the engine yourself, remember that in the process of cleaning, the water must be dry thoroughly. The inflow of the engine is a taboo.

3. Guarantee the antifreeze

many people have a misunderstanding that it is cold in winter and antifreeze is important. In fact, in addition to antifreeze, antifreeze also prevents water tanks from boiling and forming scale. Therefore, antifreeze is crucial to the whole cooling system of a vehicle.

in addition, antifreeze and oil should not be mixed.

4. Guarantee the water quantity of the water tank

engine overheating will affect its efficiency and service life. Therefore, the water tank must ensure that there is enough water in order to effectively distribute the heat of the engine and ensure the safe operation of the engine.

5. Guarantee oil quantity

many people are used to basically using up the oil and then go to the gas station, which is not scientific. When the automobile oil lamp issued a warning, the oil in the tank should be very few, which would cause the bottom of the tank to rise and cause damage to the engine.

in addition, oil should not be mixed and mixed gasoline easily detonation and damage the engine.

Three major techniques

1, ensure that the engine runs smoothly during the driving

many people think that low speed or low gear will slow down the engine friction and prolong the service life of the engine. The engine can not be strong for a long time, and will be depressed like people, ensuring the smooth operation of the engine, preventing carbon deposition and prolonging the service life.

2. Attention to road conditions

road condition is good, natural running is steady, engine runs stably, road condition is bad, will bumpy, fast and uneven, increase engine loss. So in the process of driving, we must pay attention to road conditions, and avoid ingenious holes and keep the vehicle running smoothly and evenly. Of course, we must pay attention to safety first.

3. Pay attention to car conditions

In the course of driving, pay attention to the information of the oil meter and the water meter and so on. Once the abnormal conditions are found (such as the water temperature is too high), it is necessary to stop and take measures to protect the engine and its own safety.

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