What is the cause of the car engine failure light

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-08-10

in life, we sometimes encounter cars. Engine failure light what is the reason for the failure of the automobile engine fault lamp? And how to solve it?

Cause of engine failure light

1. Inside the engine cylinder is not clean and carbon accumulated.

A certain amount of carbon deposition must be accumulated inside the engine which has been used for a certain period of use. These carbon deposits themselves will lead to changes in the engine design parameters, and their properties are unstable and accumulate heat. These accumulated heat will cause the engine to ignition out of order, thus causing engine detonation. In this case, the engine fault lamp will light up.

What is the cause of the automobile engine fault light

2, the combustion state is not good

the main reason for the failure of the engine is the poor combustion state of the engine. In automobile design, in order to ensure that the engine is in good working condition and ensure the normal working life of the engine, an oxygen sensor is designed and installed on the engine to monitor the combustion state of the engine. Once the combustion state of the engine is not good, it will not only cause the pollution environment, but also cause the waste of fuel and the engine. Degree of wear.

3, poor fuel quality

many of the cyclists who found the lights of the engine trouble light had a feeling that the engine trouble lamp suddenly lit up after adding a tank of oil. Because the engine is required for the quality of the oil, especially as the requirements for the engine are getting higher and higher, the quality index of oil is also more and more high.

In real life, after all, there are some gas stations that can not provide fuel to meet the high performance engine completely according to the specifications, which causes the engine trouble lights to occur.

The solution of engine fault light

1. Cleaning engine

once the engine fault lights are on, the owner should clean the engine in time. At present, there are two correct cleaning methods.

(1) go to the maintenance shop to clean carbon by special cleaning agent.

(2) use good fuel additives to clean the whole fuel system, including clearing carbon in the cylinder.

2, plus higher labeling of gasoline

After cleaning the engine, the vehicle engine compression ratio is generally above 10 because of the current four emission standards, which is not suitable for the gasoline under the long term of number 95. In order to keep the engine in good working condition, the owner can choose to add No. 95 or no. 97 gasoline, which usually can solve the problem of engine fault lights.

3, improve fuel quality

since domestic fuel is temporarily unable to meet the requirements of the current high efficiency engine, do it yourself to improve the quality of fuel. For example, using good fuel additives to improve the cleanliness of fuel, this should be the best way.

The damage of engine fault light

there are always some abnormal states after the failure of the engine fault lights. If they are not solved in time, they will usually be accompanied by the following problems:

1. The increase in temperature and wear of the combustion chamber may cause early damage to the engine.

2. Engine noise increases, driving comfort and ride comfort.

3. Fuel consumption increases, oil resources and RMB resources are wasted.

4. Engine oil;

5. The quality of automobile exhaust gas is worse and the environment is polluted.

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