How to deal with engine trouble if the engine is flooded?

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-08-08

how do the engine get in the water?

In fact, the engine is a whole set of power output equipment, including gear, engine and shaft, and so on. The engine is only a part of the whole engine, but it is the core part of the whole engine.

below, let's take a look at the way to deal with engine failure.

The process of inflow of the engine

On a rainy night, the driver was driving in a low-lying section of the ring road. He was driving a SUV with four drive functions, with the advantage of his high body. Before that, he had conquered a lot of other people's prohibitive sections. This time, he was full of letters to the “ river ” the same full of letters. Heart, but master Liu knows clearly that the situation before him is obviously different from before. Fortunately, he was calm enough. The wading law in his heart told him to keep a low gear and to keep the accelerator pedal stable. With more water being pushed away by the head, the life of the abyss had completely surrounded it. At this time, it was not easy to break away.

After a short jitter, the vehicle lost power, but because the circuit is still connected, from the feedback from the instrument, the light EPC warning light is accompanied by the warning sounds of the array of bees to let the extinguishment follow a common engine flameout failure, and master Liu's understanding is to press the ignition switch. Under the light of the street, “ the lake ” the sparkling light, the rolling waves just reflected it to master Liu's eyes. All this did not change master Liu's idea. What would happen when it pressed the ignition switch? A lot of people would think of “ the two ignition ” this action was for the engine. It's a kill, but when you read the following paragraph, you will know that everyone is wrong!

after the engine is held up in the water (a large amount of water is poured into the cylinder) will the ignition again cause the bending of the connecting rod and more serious consequences?

The answer is negative! When the vehicle is wading at a slower speed, the engine is choked out because of the water filling into the cylinder. At this time, there is water in the cylinder. In the conventional thinking, the water is incompressible. This will cause the bending of the connecting rod or even the damage of the cylinder body.

Because in this case, the engine crankshaft does not move at all! When the engine is extinguished by water, the inner cylinder is basically flooded with water, because the water is incompressible, so the piston has almost no upper space. At this time, even if you connect the ignition, the starter can not move at all, not to mention it. It has caused damage to the engine.

how are the connecting rods bent? (a small amount of water is injected into the cylinder, the engine can be “ normal ” start).

In many cases, the owner does not know that the engine has entered the water, and it happens that the intake of the engine is not much (enough to meet the start of the engine). At the moment of starting the piston, the compression work before the ignition is completed, almost at the same time, the intake valve closes, and the inner cylinder becomes a sealed space. The water is incompressible. When the piston goes up to a certain position, the resistance will increase obviously, but the crankshaft is the iron core to take the piston to the top stop position. In a word, the water will not make a concession. In contrast, the connecting rod becomes much more fragile (slight deformation), and the water will start with the opening of the exhaust valve. Out of the cylinder, but its damage to the connecting rod has become a fact. The curved connecting rod reduces the compression ratio of the cylinder in the invisible, so the vehicle will feel less powerful than the original. From the driver's point of view, the accelerator pedal will be deliberately stepped on the accelerator and the higher speed will be used to achieve it. The motive force.

the slight bending of the connecting rod will make the piston in the cylinder run extremely unstable, and the high speed will undoubtedly accelerate its deterioration. At the same time, the swaying of the piston in the cylinder will also aggravate the bending degree of the connecting rod. The greater the amplitude of the connecting rod, the swinging of the piston in the operation will be more insane. Until finally, the piston is stuck in the cylinder, and the connecting rod can not bear huge pressure or bend or break, and more serious is the broken connecting rod piercing the cylinder directly. Then the engine loses power and the vehicle stops after a short distance.

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