What is the cause of the engine failure light

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in my life, I believe many car owners have met. Engine failure light what is the reason for the failure of the engine fault? Let's look at the following contents.

What is the cause of the engine failure light

1, air flow sensor failure

the air flow sensor is also known as an air flow meter, which detects the amount of air that is inhaled into an electrical signal to the electronic control unit ECU, and indirectly determines how much fuel is ejected by the ECU according to the optimum air fuel ratio. If the air flow sensor or line fails, the ECU will not get the correct intake signal and can not control the normal fuel quantity, which causes the mixture to be too thin or too thick, and the engine can not work properly.

Although the air flow sensor disorder does not cause the engine to be unable to start, it is very possible that the idle speed is unstable, the acceleration is bad, the intake pipe is tempered, and the exhaust pipe is smoked.

2. Poor quality of gasoline

It is estimated that most of the owners have this experience. Soon after the car has finished oil, the engine fault lights are lighted on the car dashboard; this is generally due to the addition of poor quality gasoline at the non standard gas station, which causes inadequate combustion of oil and gas in the engine and the engine failure light. This will not affect driving safety, but it will cause damage to the engine more or less.

3, engine detonation

when the oil and gas mixture is inhaled by the engine, the factors that have not reached the expected ignition position and all kinds of control in the compression stroke lead to the spontaneous ignition and combustion of the oil and gas mixture. At this point, the great impact produced by combustion is opposite to the direction of piston motion, which causes engine vibration. This phenomenon is called detonation. It shows that the car is running weak, the engine noise is too large, and there is a knock on the cylinder when it is serious.

What is the cause of the engine failure light

4, oxygen sensor failure

nowadays, there are two oxygen sensors installed on the vehicle, and one for each three yuan catalytic converter. The function of the front oxygen sensor is to detect the air-fuel ratio of the engine under different conditions. At the same time, the ECU computer adjusts the fuel injection quantity and calculates the ignition time according to the signal. The main part of the rear is to detect the work of three yuan catalytic converter, so if the oxygen sensor is damaged or the sensor plug is damaged and loosened, it will cause the mixture to be too thin or too strong, which causes the failure light to light.

in fact, the oxygen sensor is a fairly durable component. It can be used for 3 years or longer as long as the fuel quality passes. So the new car's fault light is bright, we might as well check whether the plug of the oxygen sensor is loose.

5, engine VAT

It is obvious that the engine after the lack of cylinder will lead to a large amount of fuel consumption, black smoke, car acceleration weakness, severe jitter, engine noise will also increase, and it is easy to appear vehicle stalling condition. The main reason is that the engine is missing from the ignition system and fuel supply system, including spark plug carbon, high pressure oil pump damage and so on.

6, carbon of spark plug

the uneven quality of fuel and congested urban traffic on the market makes the car spark plug easy to produce carbon, and the carbon of the spark plug will lead to bad engine work, which is not normal, such as the starting difficulty, the idle idle speed, the bad acceleration, the rapid refueling and tempering, the excessive tail gas and the increase of the fuel consumption.

7, damage of water temperature sensor

there is a thermistor inside the water temperature sensor. The lower the temperature, the higher the resistance. The higher the temperature, the lower the resistance. When the water temperature of the engine is low, the water temperature sensor of the water thermometer water temperature sensor makes the air to fuel ratio thicker, which makes the engine work stable. If the water temperature sensor does not have the cold machine state information at this time, the air fuel ratio will be thinned and the engine operation will be abnormal. Similarly, if the cooler sends out the cooler information, the air-fuel ratio will become thicker and the engine will not work properly.

No matter what kind of situation caused by the engine trouble light, you need to use a computer detector for diagnosis. If it is a false fault code, it will be removed directly. If there is a real fault, it is necessary to troubleshoot and repair according to the fault code. If only the engine fault lights, the car runs normally, no obvious difference, can continue to drive, have time to check the 4S store, if the water temperature is too high or the oil pressure warning lights light up, can obviously feel the fault, or get off the phone to seek rescue.

The reasons for the engine fault light are introduced. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings of engine maintenance.

Misunderstanding one: automobile oil is full

some owners will save too much oil at a time, but the quality of different grades of lubricants will change during the use. After a certain mileage (match, picture, enquiry), the performance deteriorates, which may cause problems to the engine. In order to avoid these failures, we should regularly change the oil to the motor vehicle in combination with the conditions of use, and make the oil quantity moderate. When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil are accumulated in the filter. If the filter is blocked, the oil can not smooth through the filter core, will dilate the filter core or open the safety valve, from the bypass valve through, still bring the dirt back to the lubricating part, to accelerate the engine wear faster, the internal pollution aggravation. So the regular replacement of the oil filter is also important.

Misunderstandings two: do not maintain the motor engine on time

if you choose to invest in cars, more owners will be willing to spend money on refitting. Like cars, beauty is important, but healthy body is more important. Experienced auto repair instructors said that in the car they had repaired, the malfunction caused by bad engine maintenance accounted for 50% of the total failure. It can be seen that engine maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the motor engine on schedule, and some particularly damp or dust especially large areas should also take time to do some inspection and maintenance to the related parts of the engine as soon as possible.

erroneous zone three: engine temperature is not afraid of heights.

some owners think that when the engine is running, the temperature of the engine is not afraid of being low. But in fact, when the engine temperature is low, the danger is also great. For example, some owners will dismantle the thermostat blindly because of the high temperature of the engine. The coolant can only carry on the large circulation. It can not adjust the cooling strength. It is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more suitable temperature. Instead, the engine often works in the low temperature condition, resulting in the decrease of the engine work rate, the accelerated wear and the increase of the fuel consumption. Proper operation should be based on the normal temperature provided by the vehicle manual, so as to ensure the service life of the engine.

erroneous zone four: the tighter the pump fan belt is, the better.

The tighter the belt is, the better. The tightness of the belt will not only lengthen or break the belt, shorten the life of the belt, but also cause the deformation and bending of the shaft of the generator and the shaft of the pump and the early damage of the bearing because of the excessive tension. The tightness of the automobile engine fan belt should meet the technical requirements. When the normal belt is assembled, the deflection is 10-15mm.

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