[maintenance information] circuit diagrams and related information of Santana GLI and GSI air condit

Category:Fault example - Date:2015-12-11

circuit diagram of.1 GLI air conditioning system

Santana circuit diagram of.GLI air conditioning system

E9 - blower switch F18 - cooling fan temperature control switch F23 high voltage switch F33 evaporator control switch F38 environment temperature switch F73 - low voltage switch A/C air conditioning switch J26 cooling fan relay J32 air-conditioned relay K46 - air-condition indicator lamp N16 - idle speed increase electric magnetic valve N23 drum fan speed regulating series electric N25 N63 compressor, electromagnetic clutch, N63 inner loop control solenoid valve, V2 blower, cooling fan.

circuit diagram of.2 GSI air conditioning system

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