Used car autumn maintenance matters needing attention

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How to maintain a second-hand car in the fall?

under normal circumstances, vehicles need to be cleaned and maintained for 1 times at 10000~15000 kilometers per vehicle. When you find the engine is trembling, slowing down and speeding up, smoke and smoke for 1 times. Remove the gums and carbon deposits in the system to prevent harmful corrosion and avoid leakage of seals and water tanks.

below, let's take a look at the attention of second-hand vehicle maintenance in autumn.

1. clean vehicles

The second-hand car bought, first of all to carry out the external cleaning, even when you have done the cleaning, it is best to carefully clean up, so that it becomes their real new car. The interior trim should also be cleaned and sterilized at the same time to remove the peculiar smell inside the vehicle. The environment inside the vehicle is largely related to its health.

2. maintenance brake system

vehicle braking system is very important for drivers. If you think of a traffic accident, your brain's first instinctive reaction is to brake. At this point, the braking system is insensitive, the consequences are unthinkable, and the safety of used cars should be placed first. Auto brake clearance adjustment, automobile clutch adjustment, automobile brake disc, plate replacement, automobile shock absorber maintenance, automobile tire maintenance or replacement, automobile circuit oil circuit system testing, auto light signal adjustment, etc.

3. maintenance fuel system

under normal circumstances, vehicles need to be cleaned and maintained for 1 times at 10000~15000 kilometers per vehicle. When you find the engine is trembling, slowing down and speeding up, smoke and smoke for 1 times. Remove the gums and carbon deposits in the system, prevent harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the leakage of seals and water tanks, and thoroughly replace the old coolant. Replacing the new oil, brake oil and automatic wave box oil can improve the dynamic performance of the automobile and extend the service life of the components. Generally used for three or four years of second-hand car, more attention should be paid to oil filter and fuel filter cleaning or replacement.

4. maintenance battery

Look at the date of the battery, or the status of the display screen. If it is found that the sound is weak or the light is dim when the engine is started, it is the precursor of the battery. It is better to replace it as soon as possible. Car circuit is mainly divided into two kinds of low voltage and high voltage, check the interface of each component of the low voltage circuit. It is necessary to see whether the wire is ablated, the contact is bad, and the condition of the fuse should be paid attention to. The life of the battery is about two years, and the life of the spark plug is less than 40000 kilometers.

5. maintenance tires

After buying a car, the owner of the car is better positioned for the four wheel, the tire dynamic balance and the tire pressure condition. If the tire has been worn, a new tyre should be replaced to ensure safety. Some used cars may have not changed the tires for three or four years. Although the tires seem to be new or deep, the gum has long been hardened to provide the ability to catch the ground and must be replaced.

6. replacement of wear-resistant components

over three years old cars, belts are important maintenance parts. The dislocation and fracture of the belt can easily cause the combustion of the engine to be abnormal, and at the same time, the damage to other components is also very serious. After some years of use, uneven wear will cause clutch slip and reduce clutch effect. When the clutch is abnormal, it is better to try to adjust the clutch plate. If the situation is still not improved, then it is necessary to consider replacement.

The above is about Precautions for the maintenance of used cars in autumn The introduction, I hope to help you!

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