How to remove the odor of air conditioning by yourself

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2017-06-20

with the gradual increase of temperature, many car owners start to use air conditioners when driving. But after a winter, the air duct is full of dust and odors, which can affect the mood of driving while affecting our health. today is going to tell you how to remove the smell of the car's air-conditioner itself.

1, take a car to sun the sun

if the smell in the car is not serious, then we can choose a sunny day and bask in the sun with a car. Stop the car in the sun, open the air conditioning warm air, open the air to the maximum, when the car doors and windows are all opened for ten minutes, so you can use ultraviolet light to eliminate the harmful substances in the car, and the hot air can also circulate the dirty air in the air duct thoroughly. But it is a pity that this method is only suitable for the less peculiar smell in the car.


changing the air conditioning filter element is to avoid pollution from the source, but if there are bacteria in the air duct, the odor will linger for a long time. But there is a simple way to eliminate odor, that is, use air conditioning duct cleaner. Nowadays, there are many brands and various kinds of air conditioning disinfectant in the market. The price is from tens of yuan to hundreds of dollars.

The cleaning method is also easy to master: after parking in a good air circulation place, open the external circulation, open the air conditioner to the natural gas shift gear, and then spray the cleaning agent into the air duct evenly into the air duct, after a few minutes, open the window and open the air conditioner thoroughly. But if it is a vehicle that has not been cleaned for a long time, it is better to go to a professional car maintenance center to do a thorough steam sterilization or photocatalyst to make it more effective.

3. Change the filter core for the car

Few people know that the air conditioning filter needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly, so the air conditioning filter core that has become dirty is not only unable to filter the dust, but also causes two pollution to the fresh air entering the car, so we must pay attention to the replacement of the air conditioning filter core.

Under normal conditions, the service life of the air conditioning filter core of the original factory is thirty thousand kilometers or a year. If the air quality is poor, the frequency of the filter core should be increased. And the owners who smoke frequently in the car should shorten the replacement cycle of the air conditioning filter element.

it is easier to clean the air-conditioning filter itself. Most small car air conditioning filters are under the front windshield. They are removed and cleaned with high pressure air, and then the ultraviolet rays in the sun are used to kill poison. After this operation, it can remove the odor in the car. But if the air conditioning filter inside the vehicle has been thoroughly polluted, it should be completely changed.

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