Teach you how to see the cause of automobile engine smoke

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-06-16

This article is introduced to you how to see the cause of automobile engine smoke. the smoke discharged from the exhaust pipe should be a colorless transparent gas. However, due to frequent changes in working conditions and environmental conditions, the smoke will also become light grey or black, and engine failure will also change the color of smoke. According to the smoke color, we can judge and troubleshoot.

Black smoke emitted from the black smoke exhaust pipe indicates that the mixture is too thick and the combustion is incomplete. The main reasons are: Automobile override or engine overload; insufficient cylinder pressure; low engine temperature, improperly adjusted carburetor, air filter block; individual cylinders not working and late ignition.

When it is excluded, it should be checked in time whether the damper door is completely open, and when necessary, the main nozzle should be seen from the carburetor mouth. If oil is poured out or dripping oil, the oil surface of the float room should be high to the specified range, tighten or replace the main hole; the air filter should be cleaned, dredged or replaced; when necessary, high speed is necessary. Ignition timing can eliminate black smoke.

Two, blue smoke

the exhaust pipe drained blue smoke. This segment is the result of a large number of oil entering the cylinder and not completely burning. The serious carbon deposition can be found by removing the spark plug.

Should be checked; whether the oil surface oil surface is too high; the gap between the cylinder and the piston is too large; whether the piston ring is loaded with pump oil, ring break (or serious wear), the oil in the mixture gas, the intake valve tube wear or seal ring damage, the engine oil suction cylinder, and the erosion of the cylinder pad near the cylinder head oil channel, and so on, if necessary. It needs to be repaired.

Three, white smoke

The fog or steam formed by the leakage of water or cooling water into the cylinder, the undercooling of the engine, and the incomplete combustion of the fuel, is discharged with the exhaust gas to form white smoke.

in winter or rainy season, when cars are first launched, white smoke can often be seen. It doesn't matter. Once the engine temperature goes up, the white smoke will disappear. This is caused by condensation in the exhaust pipe and muffler. It is not necessary to repair this condition.

when the diesel vehicle is used at low temperature and cold, the physical and chemical process conditions of fuel and air mixing are poor, and the phenomenon of white smoke often occurs. This is not a problem. As the engine temperature rises, the white smoke will gradually ease until it vanishes. If the diesel and fuel injection pressure is low, when the injection nozzle needle valve is stuck in the opening position and the time of oil supply is delayed, some diesel oil is not burned in the cylinder, and the white oil mist comes out from the exhaust pipe, which will reduce the diesel engine's power and economy and waste energy, so measures must be taken to solve it. In vehicle use, it is one of the common methods and bases to diagnose smoke emissions. Through the smoke color, find the root cause of the trouble, and take appropriate measures and measures, you can remove the trouble.

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