What are the matters needing attention for engine maintenance

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The engine is the &ldquo of the car; the heart is ” its failure will affect the normal driving of the car. What are the matters needing attention for the engine maintenance?

What are the matters needing attention for engine maintenance

1. The tighter the pump fan belt, the better the better

The tighter the belt is, the better. The tightness of the belt will not only lengthen or break the belt, shorten the life of the belt, but also cause the deformation and bending of the shaft of the generator and the shaft of the pump and the early damage of the bearing because of the excessive tension. The tightness of the automobile engine fan belt should meet the technical requirements. When the normal belt is assembled, the deflection is 10-15mm.

2. Bake oil bottom with a spray lamp

to bake oil bottom with a spray lamp in winter not only will make chemical changes in the additives in the oil, but also lose the original performance, but also make the oil cemented and the oil bottom deformed and easily cause the fire. The best way is to choose suitable oil according to the local minimum temperature in winter. Where conditions permit, vehicles should be parked in the garage with thermal insulation facilities.

the more advanced removal methods are ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning, but the most simple and simple method is physical clearance and chemical cleaning. These two methods can also be used concurrently.

3, blind disassembly of the engine thermostat

if the thermostat is dismantled blindly because of the high temperature of the engine, the coolant can only carry on the large circulation, and the cooling strength can not be adjusted. It is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more suitable temperature. Instead, the engine often works at low temperature, causing the engine power to decline, wear faster and increase the fuel consumption. If the engine thermostat is troubleshooting or replaced, the engine temperature is still high, the other parts of the cooling system should be overhauled and the thermostat should not be removed.

4, the temperature of the engine is not afraid of the low and the low

some people think that when the engine is running, the temperature of the engine is not high. In fact, when the engine temperature is low, the danger is also great. The service life of the engine must be ensured according to the normal temperature required by the vehicle manual.

5, engine idling heating

When the speed is low, the oil pump can not press the lubricating oil into all the lubricating surfaces, and the oil pressure is low, so that the engine parts work under dry friction or semi dry friction, and the fuel oil is broken into the crankcase because of low temperature atomization, and the oil film on the cylinder wall is washed away. It will speed up the wear of the machine. Therefore, after a few seconds of engine startup, fast idle heating is applied to improve the lubrication condition of the engine.

What are the matters needing attention for engine maintenance

above, what are the contents of engine maintenance considerations? Let's take a look at the common faults and maintenance strategies of engine.

1, waging the odor of the engine room

Under the influence of the high temperature of the engine, the conductor may be burnt or melted, giving off pungent odor.

it may also be a large amount of grease which is smeared with grease during the maintenance process and evaporated with the increase of engine temperature.

[maintenance strategy]

in the course of using the vehicle, if it is found that there is a pungent odor or burning smell in the engine compartment, it should be stopped immediately.

Check whether there is line softening or scorching around the engine, and timely repair the burnt or short circuited line, so as to avoid greater safety accidents.

(2) there is still a bad smell after the breakdown of the line. It should be considered whether there are factors such as the oil, the heat or the burning of the foreign body attached to the surface of the engine.

2, abnormal lubricating oil consumption

In the course of driving, the consumption of engine oil is more than usual, driving a period of mileage, and the dashboard quickly shows the lack of oil and oil. This is usually the reason for the following 3 reasons:

1. It may be due to the problem of the sealing of the engine pistons, resulting in too large clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall and the phenomenon of burning oil.

it may be that the parts of the engine wear seriously, resulting in excessive clearance between parts, resulting in abnormal consumption of lubricating oil.

The lubricating oil used by individual engines is not up to standard, resulting in abnormal consumption of lubricating oil.

[maintenance strategy]

First, we should check the oil quality and oil quantity, and replace lubricating oil when necessary, so as to avoid engine failure due to oil quality.

(2) after the oil problem is eliminated, the relevant parts should be checked one by one, which may cause the oil to jump into the combustion chamber because of the serious wear and tear of the parts, the excessive clearance of the parts or the excessive pressure of the oil.

The leakage of oil is mainly due to the aging of the gasket and the choking of the valve.

3, engine overheating failure

because of the special structure of the automobile engine, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of high temperature of the coolant during operation. Once the temperature of the coolant exceeds the normal value, the engine can not heat properly, which will cause the engine to overheat and affect the normal operation of the engine.

[maintenance strategy]

when the coolant temperature is abnormal, the alarm will appear on the automobile dashboard. When the coolant temperature is abnormal, it will be found.

Stop checking and see if the coolant is leaking.

it should be noted that the hot car can not be shut down immediately, nor can it immediately be added to the coolant, but after the engine temperature is normal.

If there is a lot of coolant, check the engine thermostat, fan radiator failure, and whether the water tank is blocked.

4, abnormal color of tail gas

the color of the tail gas after normal combustion should be colorless, and when the engine fails, the color of the exhaust gas will change.

Exhaust gas is black because fuel is not fully burned.

2. The fuel does not meet the combustion standard, or the moisture in the gasoline will discharge the white tail gas.

(3) when the color of the tail gas is blue, it may be because of the excessive wear of the piston ring or the counterpart of the oil ring, causing the oil to jump up, entering the engine combustion chamber, or the oil from the valve tube.

[maintenance strategy]

When the tail gas is black, it is necessary to check the sensor related to air intake.

When the exhaust color is white, the spark plug fault and fuel quality are more likely to be undesirable.

(3) if the tail gas is blue, it is necessary to solve the problem of oil burning. It may be a problem of spark plug or valve oil seal. It should be checked in time and new parts should be replaced when necessary.

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