Reasons for engine oil burning and maintenance methods

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-06-11

First, the performance of engine oil burning; engine oil burning is the main performance of the exhaust pipe blue smoke.

the engine will shake at idle speed, and the engine oil is seriously lacking in a regular maintenance cycle. So your car has been running oil.

Two. Causes of engine oil burning.

there are two reasons for engine oil burning:

1.. Positive wear, which is a normal phenomenon after a certain kilometer driving. The general vehicle is about two hundred thousand kilometers. Different vehicles, different people use and different areas (air dust content) have a great impact on the service life of the engine. I will not say more about the normal wear of vehicles exceeding a certain useful life and kilometers.

2. abnormal wear: the cause of abnormal wear is the early wear caused by product quality and improper use. If your car is burning oil during warranty period, please contact with the manufacturer's four S shop in time to repair or replace the engine.

the cause of engine early wear is the use of unqualified oil, overdue oil and oil and oil filter, cold car big throttle start, long time lack of engine oil operation, long time high temperature state operation, long overload and high speed operation (the engine speed is more than four thousand rotates per minute), long time in the air Gas quality (dust content excess) is not good and the expiration of air cleaner condition operation, oil pump oil pump power, low oil pressure, oil channel blockage and so on, will allow your engine to reduce life cause early wear.

knowing the reason, friends should avoid the above mistakes in daily maintenance and take good care of the vehicle and prolong the service life of the engine.

three. Wear and tear of parts will cause engine oil burning.

1.. The wear of cylinder liner and piston will increase the clearance of cylinder wall and cause some oil to burn into the combustion chamber.

The wear of the 2. piston ring, the elastic weakening or breaking of the piston ring, and the piston ring walk (a few piston rings into a straight line) cause the seal to be tight and part of the oil into the combustion chamber.

3. valve oil seal aging damage will also make part of the oil into the combustion chamber, especially the intake valve oil seal aging damage more easily let oil into the combustion chamber.

4.. The blockage of engine exhaust pipe (oil chamber through engine intake pipe) causes excessive oil chamber pressure to cause some oil to burn into the combustion chamber.

5. oil cylinder and cylinder will also cause some oil to burn into the combustion chamber.

Four. How to judge the fault.

Check from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.

1. to check the exhaust pipe is not smooth. If it is not accessible, clean or replace. Drive for a while to see if the oil is missing and whether the exhaust pipe is still emitting blue smoke.

2. measure cylinder pressure, cylinder pressure normal: that should be due to valve oil seal aging damage caused by burning oil, replace valve oil seal. It is suggested that all oil seal should be replaced.

3. if cylinder pressure single cylinder, multi cylinder or all lower than normal value, then only the cylinder cover check whether the cylinder pad flush the oil channel, the diameter of the cylinder wear and tear, the degree of piston wear, piston ring elasticity and so on. If only the oil channel is washed, the cylinder pad will be replaced. If cylinder bore and piston wear too much, it is recommended to replace all cylinders (cylinders), pistons and piston rings. If the bore diameter is not worn, piston and piston rings can be replaced. If the piston ring is the reason, just replace all piston rings.

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