What are the most common engine failures?

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the engine is the heart of a car. If the engine fails, the car will not be able to drive properly. What are the common faults of the engine? Let's take a look at the eight major engine failures.

1. engine cold car shake

when the engine starts idle at idle speed, idle speed jitter after hot car is normal. The main reason is that there is too much carbon in the interior of the engine. The gasoline that is ejected by the cold start nozzle will be absorbed in a large amount of carbon, which causes the mixed gas to be started by the cold car too thin, which makes it difficult to start up until the gasoline is saturated with the carbon absorbed by the car, and the gasoline adsorbed on the coke after the car will be re inhaled in the cylinder combustion. When the mixture becomes thicker, the engine's combustible mixture is thick and thin, causing the idle speed to shake after the cold car starts. On the other hand, it is caused by the lack of fire, such as spark plugs, ignition coils and other faults. Clearing carbon in the cylinder or replacing parts can be solved.

2. engine hot car shaking

jitter occurs when engine heat engine idling. There are many reasons for the hot car to shake at idle speed. The most common is the lack of fire in the engine. Generally, it checks the spark plug, the ignition coil, the injection nozzle and the oil road, whether the exhaust is blocked, the fuel labeling is matched, the carbon of the engine is cleared, the carbon of the throttle is accumulated, and the engine glue block is firm, and so on.

What are the common failures of the engine

abnormal sound of.3. engine

engine abnormal noise can be divided into cool cars and abnormal noise. It is because of the long time parking of the car that the oil flows back to the oil bottom, and the oil pump can not set up oil pressure in the first time to form the oil film when it is cold starting, and the parts can not be lubricated at the start of cold start, because no matter the hydraulic tappet or the mechanical rocker arm, there will be a certain clearance or because the oil pressure is not good enough. The time chain (with intelligent variable valve or valve lift system) failed to work properly, which led to the loud noise. In addition, there will be a loud noise in the engine, — — carbon tank solenoid valve (cleaning valve). And the problem of the hot car abnormal noise is generally more serious and not good to check, the general engine of the engine, knock the cylinder when the main heart is prepared (may pull the cylinder), but the probability is very small (many with the intake angle of advance relationship). Crankcase ventilation leakage can also cause abnormal noise and loud noise. When the car belt is rotating at a certain speed, it will also produce abnormal noise, mostly for belt skidding or aging. When there is a striking noise in the abnormal noise of the engine, it is recommended to go directly to the repair shop for maintenance.

carbon deposition of.4. engine

The formation of carbon is mainly caused by the incomplete combustion of the engine when the work is done, and the carbon in the form of the colloidal substance produced in the combustion of fuel and oil. Carbon deposition can cause cold car engine jitter, idling engine jitter, power decline, oil consumption, start-up difficulties, idle idle speed, poor acceleration, excessive tail gas, oil consumption and other phenomena, the solution can be relieved by removing carbon.

5. throttle is often dirty

the main reason for the carbon accumulation of the throttle is that the air flow is reciprocated when the engine enters and exhaust in the working stroke. The gas will not only breathe in the air but also the gas will return to the inlet of the inlet to lead to the formation of carbon, and the forced ventilation in the crankcase in front of the throttle will penetrate the exhaust gas inside the crankcase. The intake valve again introduces cylinder combustion, which also directly causes the throttle dirty. The throttle dirty will cause idle speed too high, speed up powerlessness, engine lights alarm and so on. The solution is also very simple to clean throttle.

engine oil of.6. engine

the reasons for burning oil of motor vehicles are relatively wide. When it comes to the technical requirements of manufacturers, parts of parts are damaged. Some cars burn oil almost compared with automobiles. In addition to the manufacturer's own problems, the new car usually seldom burns the oil (over the period of running in). The cause of the oil is usually the wrong oil mark, the aging or damage of the valve oil seal, the poor sealing of the piston ring, the ventilation and damage of the oil gas separator or the crankcase, the cooling and lubrication of the turbocharging, and so on. The engine oil will lead to the engine. The main phenomenon is that the exhaust is blue smoke, the consumption of oil is increased, and the phenomenon of oil burning should be first encountered in the case of the cause.

engine oil leakage of.7. engine

the phenomenon of engine oil leakage is not to be mentioned much. It is mainly caused by many reasons for leakage of oil, and the harm caused by different degrees is also different. The engine oil leakage is mostly due to the aging of sealing gasket, the common oil leaking parts are. The oil bottom shims aging damage or screw loose oil leakage, oil snail loose leaking, leakage gasket, screw buckle damage, timing gear lid gasket aging oil leakage, valve chamber cover gasket seal tight leaking oil, crankshaft front / rear oil seal leaking oil, oil dispersion The sealing gasket of the heater is not tight seal, the sealing gasket of the machine filter base is sealed and the oil is tight. The solution is also simple to replace the sealing gasket or part according to the degree of oil leakage.

high water temperature of.8. engine

the high temperature of the engine is mainly reflected in the alarm of the engine's water temperature or the phenomenon of boiling. The cause of high water temperature is due to the loss of regulating and reducing the circulation of the thermostat, reducing the efficiency of heat dissipation, the insufficient cooling fluid, the air in the cooling system, the failure of the cooling system, the failure of the electronic fan, the failure of the electronic fan, the failure of the water pump, the failure of the temperature sensor and so on. The high temperature of coolant is easy to cause fuel consumption increase, oil temperature is too high and thinner.

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