English songs suitable for driving

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2017-06-01

1, Built To Last of Melee.

This is the background music of the new Samsung mobile phone Jay life i908e advertising film. It is quite exciting and exciting. It makes people listen to the feeling full of vigor and vitality. It is better to listen to some sleepiness in the afternoon.

2. Your Love Carries Me of Natasha Thomas.

feel a great maternal love, a very comfortable song, a good sense of rhythm.

3. Tonight, I Feel Close to You of Mai Kuraki and Stefanie Sun's chorus. Lively rhythm, clean and clear voice, perfect harmony.

4. Just Want You to Know of backstreet boys.

5, Fast Love of George Michael. A very classic one

6. Ronan Hardiman's That Place in Your Heart.

a very detached song with the lofty and lofty feeling of the church choir.

7, Club8— — Love in December. It's a bit sad, but the rhythm is pretty good

8, Gloomy Sunday of Heather Nova. This song is the theme of the movie "love of Budapest", the long melody and the sound of the sound field, very sentimental and sad, sad with a little helpless and struggle.

9, We Belong Together of Mariah Carey. A strong sense of rhythm! It can also belong to some sad songs, which is a strong type of sadness.

10, Crush of David Archuleta. A cheerful song with a magnetic rhythm is very comfortable.


Mad Sexy Cool Girl of Babyface;

Hikaru Utada's Automatic, which is the only Japanese song recommended.

Shape of My Heart of backstreet boys and I Still;

Jaci Velasquez's Imagine Me Without You, a lyric song.

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