How to do the car air conditioning cleaning steps?

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how do the car air conditioning ash?

After the use of a summer, the automobile air conditioning must have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, in this season, cleaning to ensure the normal use of the summer next year, then, how is the correct cleaning of automobile air conditioning?

below, let's take a look at the steps of car air-conditioning cleaning.

How does the air conditioner be cleaned?

under normal circumstances, automotive air conditioning cleaning mainly includes: air filter, air conditioning pipe and evaporator. Air filter and air conditioning pipeline cleaning is relatively simple, the owner of the car can DIY, and the evaporator cleaning because of the entire removal of the air conditioning, so the best to the 4S shop or professional car repair shop.

1. cleaning / replacement of air conditioning filter core

Under normal conditions, the life of a original air conditioning filter is one year or 30 thousand kilometers. If the air conditioning filter is cleaned regularly, it can not only guarantee the fresh air in the car, but also prolong the service life of the air conditioning filter core.

DIY the first step to clean the air conditioning filter is to find the location of the air conditioning filter element. Because the position of each type of filter is not the same, some car air filter is placed under the front windshield of the car, and some are in the glove box that is placed in the auxiliary driving position. The owner can view the handbook and consult the car 4S store.

the disassembly methods of different brands may be somewhat different, but generally it will not be very difficult.

when air filters are used for a period of time, they usually accumulate lots of dust and dirt. If they are too dirty, throw them away.

if the air filter is not very dirty, the owner can take the hair dryer to clean the air conditioning filter from inside to outside. At the same time, install arrow when you install it. Otherwise, the air conditioning filter will not only play a role but also blow the dust into the car.

cleaning tips: cleaning air conditioning filter core must not be water, only use air guns or hair dryer and other similar things.

2. air conditioning pipeline cleaning

the cleaning of air conditioning pipes requires the purchase of air-conditioning cleaning agents. The owners can purchase them online or in the Auto Parts City, and the selling price is generally around 30 yuan.

Before the formal cleaning, the air conditioner cleaning agent is shaken up, and the hose inside the package is set up, then the air volume of the air conditioner is reached to the maximum and adjusted to the external circulation mode. But do not turn on the air conditioning compressor (the A/C button is closed).

The cleaning agent that has been shaken is sprayed to the position of the air conditioning filter core, and the suction will be inhaled to carry out the cleaning of the air conditioning pipe. It is especially important to note that the hose above the cleaning agent should not be too close to the blower so as not to be stirred in.

after the cleaning agent is finished, the owner can make the air conditioning system run for another 10 minutes in the external circulation mode. After the fire is extinguished, the cleaning agent will be defoamed into the liquid after the cleaning of the evaporator and the air duct.

warm reminding: if there is still smell after cleaning the air conditioning system, it means that there is dirt inside the evaporating box or in the air conditioning pipeline. This solution can only be solved by disassembling the cleaning air conditioner and evaporating box, and recommending that the owner go to the 4S shop or the professional maintenance shop.

3. evaporation box cleaning

as mentioned above, the cleaning of air conditioning evaporators must be dismantled to clean the air conditioning lines and evaporators, so it is recommended to go to the professional maintenance shop for cleaning. The above is the disassembled evaporation box.

automotive air conditioners usually accumulate a lot of dust and dirt after a period of time. The car is mainly to develop the habit of cleaning the air conditioner regularly. If it is found that the air conditioner has a bad smell, it is suggested to clean the air conditioning filter core and pipe first. If the effect is not obvious, we should consider the cleaning of the evaporator.

The above is about how to do the ash handling of automobile air conditioner, and the cleaning steps of automobile air conditioner. The introduction, I hope to help you!

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