How to maintain the car equipment in the cold winter

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Recently, another wave of cold air came quietly, all the owners, drivers, for their own &ldquo, the full arm of the ” while, do not forget the cold weather for us to cover the wind and rain, they also need to be protected! All kinds of equipment need to be updated maintenance.

Charging the battery in time

the shortage of battery power and the inability of cars to start are common problems in winter because the capacity of batteries in winter is obviously lower than that at normal temperature. At extremely low temperatures, the battery is liable to freeze. Attention should be paid to protection and avoid parking at the draught. If you need to stop outdoors at very low temperatures, it is suggested that the driver or the battery be unloaded and take it to the room, and the battery will be installed back in situ before starting. Of course, drivers who know nothing about cars are not aware of which drivers are car batteries.

when the battery power is insufficient, it is necessary to find a vehicle with electricity to “ to install &rdquo. First, connect the battery of the two cars with the cable, pay attention to the positive pole to the positive pole, the negative electrode and the negative pole, then start the electric vehicle to run the engine for a few minutes, then start the non electric vehicle in normal way, and then step on the engine to run the motor of the non electric vehicle at high speed for a few minutes, then it can be dismantled. Cable。

Change the oil of winter

the viscosity of the common lubricating oil decreases with the drop of temperature, thus the friction resistance of the machine parts increases, which often leads to the difficulty of cold start, and even the accident of the burning and holding shaft. Therefore, after the arrival of winter, the owner of the car should change the oil from the oil bottom and the air compressor into the winter oil, and change the gear oil in the transmission, the distributor, the differential and the steering gear into the gear oil used in the winter. After cleaning the hub bearing, the lubricating oil of the lower viscosity is added. If the lubricating system and fuel system filter and oil pan are not thoroughly cleaned before changing the oil, different grades of lubricating oil in the transmission will be mixed, which will reduce the lubrication effect. In addition, the oil heat transfer switch and the preheating valve on the intake and exhaust pipe should be placed in the position of “ winter &rdquo.

oil is divided into single grade oil and multistage oil according to viscosity. Single grade oil can only meet the viscosity level of low temperature or high temperature. If your car is single grade oil and summer type, then winter oil must be replaced in winter. Of course, direct conversion to multistage oil is better and saves time and effort.

Use long effect antifreeze and antifreeze

the role of antifreeze in winter is obvious. In addition to increasing the boiling point of cooling water, it can also ensure that the cooling system is free from icing and scale threats. Vehicle owners should choose antifreeze according to the environment and actual situation of the car, and generally choose the antifreeze fluid which is lower than the local minimum temperature of 10 degrees. Pay attention to “ freezing point ” the lower the freezing point value, the better the antifreeze effect. In addition, the antifreeze fluid is usually changed for 2~3 years. If the old antifreeze solution is not cleaned and mixed or selected inferior products, it is not only half the effort and corrosion of the body, but also because of the low boiling point of the inferior antifreeze liquid, it is easy to appear “ the opening of the ” the phenomenon, the safety hidden danger.

Some owners choose to buy antifreeze for the convenience of the Internet, but it is important to note that the price of the anti freezing liquid on the Taobao network is uneven, some are only a dozen yuan, and some are priced hundreds and even thousands of yuan. Even if the same brand of antifreeze is the same type, the sale price of the network is also very big and out. In addition, the replacement of antifreeze is not easy, the steps are more tedious and there is a danger of scald. If you are not a professional, it is suggested to buy and replace it at the 4S store.

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