Long term shutdown of automobiles also requires maintenance and careful engine failure

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-05-24

nowadays, many people have cars and do not have to drive around every day. There are many reasons, such as limit, parking, and too much traffic jam, so many people do not drive often, let love car length “ rest ” one of the reasons, only to the weekend, will let the love car slip on the two lap. The car will stop for &ldquo for a long time; if it does not exercise &rdquo, there will be a lot of minor faults. Once they are ignored, they will become a big problem. below, let us introduce how to protect the car for a long time. Let's take a look.

Reducing the antiknock performance of 1. gasoline

the best time to store gasoline is not too long. For a long time, the octane number of gasoline will decrease with the loss of light components and the increase of the content of the colloid, thereby reducing the antiknock and causing the damage of the engine easily.

2. battery leakage

for a long time, the battery capacity of a car battery may be in deficit. When it is reused, it should check the battery condition and charge.

3. aging and deterioration of rubber products

the rubber products on the car, such as tires, drive belts and dustproof cover, often suffer from aging, expansion or deformation, resulting in deteriorating performance and shorter service life.

4. metal parts rusting

The metal parts will be corroded by the joint action of water, oxygen and corrosive substances in the air, so as to keep the metal surface clean. The garage should be kept regularly ventilated, and timely dust, dirt and moisture should be removed.

5. mildew of cotton and linen products

vehicles that are suspended for a long time suggest replacing cotton and linen products and drying them in proper time.

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